First-Ever Golden Hammer Award Presented

At the i2n Board of Directors meeting on May 19, Michael S. Harrington stepped down as Chair of i2n. This will be effective as of July 1, 2022. Michael was a founding member and served as Chair since 2013. His years of commitment to the i2n mission of supporting early-stage and technology-driven companies played a critical role in i2n’s growth and impact.

Patrick Hayakawa (L) presents Michael Harrington (R) with the Golden Hammer Award

To commemorate this milestone, the i2n board proudly presented Michael with the first-ever Golden Hammer Award “in recognition of countless deals hammered into place, dozens of board meetings gaveled to order, and years of leadership to southeastern PA’s startup community.”

Michael will remain an active board member and important part of the innovation support network. On behalf of the i2n board, our staff, and many startups we serve, i2n would like to thank Michael for his years of dedicated leadership and service!

“Mike has helped i2n define and execute our Mission, and all kinds of tactical plans to get us where we wanted to go. Even more remarkable is how Mike has done this: through guidance and leadership as a board advisor, but also hands-on as the true operator he is. We can easily say that i2n simply would not be where it is today without Mike.”

–incoming Chair Guy Fardone