Meet the i2n Network: Pat Taggart, align5 Films

Pat Taggart

Pat Taggart, Chief Storyteller at align5 Films, has been a professional filmmaker for over 20 years. Pat has a passion for helping companies tell their most authentic business stories through the power of video and believes that every company has a unique story to tell. He also believes that video is the most compelling, entertaining and impactful way to attract and retain customers and employees alike.

 “Every business already has a story, there’s no need to create it,” Pat says. “The goal is to identify that story and then tell it in the most creative way possible with no stiff and rigid scripts or choreographed handshakes.”

Over the last year, Pat has collaborated with several members of i2n to help tell their most authentic business stories with video. Most recently, Pat worked with Mark Riotto from TheResearchPost, a start-up, open-access, peer-reviewed, medical journal built on a data visualization platform. After asking Mark a brief series of questions about what he was trying to accomplish, Pat created a whiteboard video that helps tell TheResearchPost’s story through an easy to understand step-by-step visual journey.

Pat explains, “The goal is always to showcase a company’s differentiation in a conversational style that doesn’t feel stiff or too salesy. TheResearchPost has clear differentiators from its competitors and a fantastic “why,” so it was a pleasure collaborating with Mark and his team. We really want our customers to learn how to craft the perfect first impression with video.”

“I met with Pat from align5 Films to discuss my start-up business and my objectives,” Mark Riotto from TheResearchPost says. “His conversational interview approach, with no rigid scripts, helped develop a storyboard video to tell my company’s story. Pat took my feedback throughout the process to ensure that I was happy with the final product. This project was important to me and my business, and Pat was genuinely interested in what I was doing and fully engaged to help me make an impact and succeed.” 

The align5 Films’ process, working with brands of all sizes and industries, has been streamlined to spend very little time on planning, meetings, and scripting. The brand promise is to create business videos that are authentic, efficient and creative.